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[ It's that time again! It looks like the food fight is over; Ronald, the King, and the chihuahua are all together on set, cordially sipping some fountain drinks. Ronald takes the lead: ]

Wow! This is a first in the history of the Newlydead Game: A game over before the stabbing round! Let's take a look at those numbers!

Corrin: 2
Junpei: 2
Simon: 2
Zelda: 2

June: Hotel pass (had a hotel pass blocker but it was stolen, whoops)
Kyrie: Hotel pass + 1

Rosa: 1
Santa: 1
Ib: 1
Rhys: 1
Rohan: 1

Mary: 0
Ronove: 0
Eva: 0

That makes Rosa, Santa, Ib, Rhys, and Rohan our final five! Everybody give them a hand!

That marks the end of the game, but first! Mary, Ronove, Eva... come on down.
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[Welp, we're going to die]


[At least maybe they can give each other some support to what'll happen, one last good deed]
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[WHERE HAS THIS ASSHOLE BEEN ALL DAY!!!! It takes Mary a precious few moments to actually come to her feet with how badly she's shaking but once she's standing, she sprints over to him, grabbing onto his leg.]

You came back! You were gone! [He'd promised to protect her, said she'd be safe; she shouldn't, but she's young and trusting, so she finds a sudden sense of security with him here, like there's any way to keep them safe at all.]
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[Ronove lets Mary cling to him. He actually feels pretty bad for what's going to happen, but there's nothing they can do. He calmly pats her back, trying to be comforting, but it's hard to be comforting when one knows death is coming very soon]

Yes. Looks like Zelda and two accomplices decided to keep me detained until the game ended. I admit I didn't think that'd happen. [Figures]

I'm sorry for not being able to fulfill the promises I made to you, Mary.

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[Mary's a little too panicky to care that she doesn't know what "detain" means, but—it's like the certainty that she's going to die hasn't hit yet. She's never had friends before, never had anyone give her promises or apologies, but even so, there's the childish instinct of trusting that a beloved adult will make things okay.]

We—we're going to make cookies again— [There's a little hiccup to her voice, lingering fear even as she finds reasons to settle, horror at the prospect she'd been given before Ronove came to her of being alone.] —and bring them to Beatrice-sama, right? Right? So it's okay, it's...okay...

[She's clinging tight to Ronove but she is calming down some, just...maybe not for the right reasons.]
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I trust we will. Beatrice-sama is not just any common human woman. I trust that she hasn't forgotten about her valued friend and servant.

She'll know what's happening to us.

[He can't be too confident about it, though, but in a moment like this one, telling the child 'welp we're screwed' doesn't sound right]
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Okay. Okay.

[She's not letting go, because this is the closest she can get to a hug when she's this small and hugs, she has discovered over the past two weeks or so, are nice. She can't quite contextualize what Ronove is saying within what's going to happen to them, because she hasn't accepted what's going to happen to them. Ronove promised no harm would come to her, and he's here now, so why wouldn't they be okay? She'll make friends with Beatrice-sama, they'll have cookies again, her friend will keep her safe.

The panic hasn't entirely subsided but she looks up at him and she's smiling, shakily but certainly.

Then it's okay, so don't say sorry.