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Day 10, evening - ZERO VOTE BIDS


Good evening, Burgers and Mcnuggets! Today we have something special: Two hotel passes for the price of one! Yes, these bids were so good, we couldn't choose between them, so we've decided you can have them both!

First up, witness the amazing, the shocking, the most-likely-death-defying Ene as she completes a grand act you'd never have thought possible! Will she go through with the most agonizing torture her own mind could concoct? Head to the theater to find out!



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[Ugh they really had to make an announcement about it didn't they...

WELP WHATEVER. Set up on the stage is as large a diving board as could fit in the studio, set over a teeny tiny paddling pool. Ene is dressed up in bright red and yellow colours, and seems to have something carved onto her face that is not distinct enough to read as she ascends the ladder. Once at the top, she takes a bow for her canned applause audience.]

Thank you, thank you~
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[Mary scrambles over to the theater as soon as the announcement is made, of course, because she's all curiosity and no impulse control nor self-preservation instinct.]


[There's a wide-eyed look of confusion as she stares up at Ene on the diving board, giving way to an awfully intense frown.]

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[Oh no damn it, who let kids in here? Ene falters, glancing down at her new audience for a moment. She didn't want Mary to see this. Ene clenches her fists and stands up straight, keeping her smile plastered on. She turns around so that she faces away from the platform end, pulling out a yellow blindfold and tying it around her eyes.

And then she pulls out a sword.]
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Mary's been told what's coming, in theory knows what to expect, but she sees Ene so high up and holding a sword and—there's a storybook she's read, about a girl who tears her careless friend's stomach open with a knife, and this is all she knows about what blades do to bodies. Her eyebrows knit together some but Mary's expression is otherwise more shock than anything, a curious uncertainty only starting to give way to fear.

so yeah if anyone wants to step in and be a responsible adult now's the time

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[WHY ARE NO RESPONSIBLE ADULTS COMING. UGH. She's trying to draw it out as long as possible, twirling the sword in her hand and skimming it along her arms, creating some sparks. But showmanship can only go so far and eventually Ene has to flip the sword around, lining it up against her knee joints...

...Nobody's coming, are they? Sorry Mary.

Ene slices her legs and topples backwards, crashing down towards the pool. The water isn't deep enough to even make much of a splash, and her robot body smashes against the ground. The sword is sent skidding across the stage.]
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and since there's no one responsible enough to stop her, apparently, Mary scrambles over to the stage, struggling to lift her tiny self up over the edge. Once she gets there, she hikes her dress up over her feet so she can run over to Ene unimpeded—or at least, run over to the pieces of Ene smashed on the stage.

Ene! Ene! Ene!

[She's got a tenuous grasp on what robots are and how they work at best, but Mary doesn't recognize this as what a body is supposed to be when it's destroyed; there's no blood, just broken pieces, like a dropped vase. Mary kneels, reaching for and pushing pieces together in a pile with her hands, turning this way and that to glance over her shoulders.]

Ene... Ene...

[There's a fear in her face that's maybe more like uncertainty, the kind of terror that comes with the unknown and what she doesn't understand. As she moves, there's the sense that she's searching.]

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[The shattered pieces of her make it clear that it would be VERY difficult to put her back together again, watch out for those exposed wires in the water Mary.

She may not find what she's looking for in the scrap heap, but over to the side by the ladder, Ene has hidden her tablet. And now the screen is beginning to glow blue.]
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[all the king's horses and all the king's etc

but the glowing blue light catches Mary's attention and she comes to her feet and runs over there instead, crouching down next to the tablet once she finds it.

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[picks up the tablet

...shakes it a little


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[Mary spends a little while squinting uncertainly at her options—there's no one around for her to ask, but she doesn't know what some of these words mean...

She taps the word "Ene" a few times, and when that inevitably doesn't do anything, she presses "install."